10 Points To Keep In Mind While Buying A SmartPhone

There are 10 things you need to know before buying a good smartphone for your convenience. You may consider it as a good tips for buying a smartphone or mobile.

In 2020, smartphones are not a luxury product. Rather it has become a very important and necessary part of our lives today. Most of the users are in confusion when they go to buy a smartphone. Because there are so many smartphones in the market today, it has become difficult for a user to decide which smartphone to choose or which one is right for him. So before buying a smartphone, you should have some idea about this. Before buying a new smartphone, a user must keep an eye on the budget, features, durability, product quality and other factors. Those factors are discussed below.

1. Design

The most important thing when buying any smartphone is its design. There are different designs of smartphones in the market now. So decide in advance which design smartphone you like. It is better to choose the design according to your personal needs and tastes.

2. Display

A good quality smartphone must have a good quality display. At present, most smartphones have a 5 to 7 inch display. How many inches of display-rich smartphone you get is entirely up to you. If you like to watch more videos or play games on your smartphone, you can take a larger display.

We would recommend you to pick up a phone with at least HD resolution. At present, smartphones are used for full HD displays and 4K resolution displays. If you buy a smartphone with a higher resolution display, everything in it will look clearer or brighter.

In the case of smartphones, the ratio of screen length and width is also important. At present, the aspect ratio of the display in smartphones is 18: 9 or 16.5: 9. However, many flagship smartphones now have a 19: 9 aspect ratio.

Currently there are several display panel smartphones available in the market including LCD, TFT, IPS, OLED. It is also important to keep in mind when buying a smartphone. Because other things including the color of the display depend on it. Again, the display panel of the smartphone also has some effect on the price of the smartphone. OLED display panels are usually better than LCD.

Another thing about the display is its touchscreen. At present multi-touchscreen, capacities touchscreen, just touchscreen these three types of touchscreen rich phones are available. Multi-touchscreen would be best in case of touchscreen.

3. Operating System

If you are thinking of buying a smartphone, then you have to think about which operating system smartphone you will buy. The operating system is very important in the case of smartphones.

The operating system is the software with which we interact every day. The operating system of a smartphone is basically the same as the operating system of a computer.

Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS are currently popular on smartphones. However, judging by the number of users, the Android operating system powered smartphones are the most.The main reason is that it is completely free. That means any company can use it. You will find all the modern features in Google’s Android powered smartphone.Since there are more smartphones powered by this operating system, almost all smartphone app developers create apps for it.

Now let’s talk about Apple’s iOS. Apple’s operating system is also popular. However, the number of users is comparatively less than Google’s Android. This may be because it is not free and the price of iOS powered Apple smartphones is relatively high. However, it must be admitted that this operating system is very feature-rich and its app store is also very rich.

Now in the market you will find different versions of Android smartphones. But it is better to buy the latest version of Android smartphone. So that you can avoid the hassle of updating new operating system.

If for some reason it is not possible for you to buy the latest version of the smartphone, then you can take the old operating system one step.

Currently the latest Android version is Android 10 and Apple’s OS is iOS 13.5.

4. Processor

Processor is the main life blood of smartphone. This is what you call a chipset or a processor that processes all the data on a smartphone. So a powerful processor is needed to process the data of the smartphone quickly.The more powerful the processor, the faster it will be able to work. The performance of a processor depends on its clock speed, number of cores and many more.

Several companies including Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, MediaTek make processors for smartphones. MediaTek is currently ahead in user judgment. However, in terms of performance, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon is ahead.

Samsung’s Exynos, Huawei’s Kirin, Apple’s processors are all seen to be used on their own smartphones. If you are interested in multitasking or gaming on your smartphone then you will need a good processor.

5. GPU

In addition to the chipset or processor when buying a smartphone needs to focus on GPU or Graphics Processing Unit.

The processor works to process data quickly on the smartphone. On the other hand, GPU handles gaming performance, frame rate, graphics and many more. So it is necessary to have a good processor as well as a good GPU. Currently, the latest series of GPUs of Adreno 640, 630 Mali G-72, Power VR are of very good quality.

When buying a smartphone, you must try to buy a smartphone with a good GPU. Because later you will not get the opportunity to install a dedicated GPU like a computer.

6. RAM

Another important factor when buying a smartphone is RAM. It is a device that helps the processor to run any process and apps on the smartphone. It acts as a temporary memory.

The more RAM you have on your smartphone, the better your phone will run and the more apps you can run simultaneously in the background. However, the price of more RAM smartphones is a little higher. So you need to take the amount of RAM you need. At present you need to have at least 3 GB of RAM in your phone to get smooth performance.

Currently, 1 GB to 2 GB of RAM is available in low-end smartphones, 3 GB to 6 GB in mid-range rangers and 8 GB to 12 GB in RAM in flagship smartphones.

7. Storage

ROM or internal storage on the smartphone acts as permanent memory. Here are the operating systems and its apps. In the rest you can store the files you need.

However, after 80% use of internal storage, it is better not to keep files in it. How much internal storage your smartphone will have depends on your needs.

However, I would recommend you to take a phone with at least 32 GB of storage. And now almost all smartphones have the opportunity to use microSD or memory card slot. So even if you don’t think about storage.

8. Camera

Nowadays, the cameras of smartphones have improved a lot. Many smartphones today use powerful cameras. Once upon a time, a camera could be seen on the front and back of a smartphone. However, this number has increased over time.

Nowadays only two to six cameras are being used in the back. At present, smartphones with cameras ranging from 5 megapixels to 108 megapixels are available. Many people think that the higher the camera resolution or megapixels of the smartphone, the better the picture taken on the smartphone. But this idea is not entirely true. How good or bad a picture taken with a camera will be depends largely on the aperture, the sensor, the lens, and so on.

In some cases, even with a low megapixel camera, it is possible to get beautiful pictures compared to a high megapixel camera. The lower the aperture of the camera, the lighter the camera can capture. Smartphone camera applications also play a significant role in taking good pictures.

Videos can now be made in full HD or 4K resolution with a smartphone. Keep this in mind while buying a smartphone. Buy a smartphone that can capture video in at least HD resolution.

9. Battery

Battery is a very important issue when buying a smartphone. Because no matter how expensive a smartphone you buy, if its battery capacity is low, everything will be in vain.

At present 3000 to 5000 mAh battery power smartphones are available in the market. How you need your battery capacity depends on the type you use. If you are a heavy user then you must buy a smartphone with good battery capacity.

We would recommend you to have a smartphone of at least 3000 mAh battery. For heavy use, you can take a smartphone of 4000 mAh battery or more. In addition to the battery capacity of the smartphone, it is also necessary to keep an eye on whether the phone supports quick charge. If your phone supports Quick Charge, it will charge faster, saving you valuable time.

10. Budget

Now let’s come to the real word. When buying a smartphone, you must keep in mind the budget. Currently you will find different budget smartphones in the market.

The price of a smartphone always depends on the features and configuration of the smartphone. You will always try to buy the smartphone that has the most features in your budget. This will be the best for you.

In this case, you can search on Google by typing different smartphone models. Hope you find all the necessary information there. Currently, various smartphone brands including Xiaomi, Realme, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Samsung are providing all the great mobiles and smartphones at lower prices.

And if your budget is high, you can take the flagship smartphones made by companies like Samsung or Apple. Flagship smartphones are always feature-rich and you will find all the latest technology in them.

So here are a few things you need to know before buying a smartphone. Besides you can consider factors by your won before buying your favorite smartphone.

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